Flipping Book Publisher for DOC MAC      Publish flipping book from doc files on MAC!

Flipping Book Publisher for DOC MAC is designed for MAC user to convert DOC files to amazing flipping book. It offers you with simple to use interface and you take little time to enjoy fantastic flash flip book in seconds. And it can be completely customizable with a series of personalized settings, like adding a watermark, background music and templates. Finally you can either publish it online or just for offline use.

Compatible with Windows 7

Simple to use

Flipping Book Publisher for DOC MAC is originally designed for the editorial team of a publishing agency.  As such, the interface is incredibly simple and requires no programming or graphic design skills. And the step-by-step process of publishing a flash flip book is easily mastered in a matter of minutes.

Password control

A password protection box is applied to the flash flip book and requires the correct password to be entered before the flipping book will load. If you only wish people can visit your flip book with your permission, then set a unique password.


Right to left reading

Flipping Book Publisher for DOC MAC supports both Left to Right (LTR) and Right to Left (RTL) flipping mode. This feature can help you engage people worldwide. For Middle Eastern languages such as Hebrew and Arabic are written predominantly right-to-left. So you can select Right to Left for this these language user.


The content in this flash flip book is displayed as vector graphics, which provides excellent zooming capabilities. You may scroll the mouse or keyboard to zoom. And every digital edition comes with available full screen mode.

Search ability

When reading your flash flip book, your readers hope to get the information they need. And in this doc flies convertor, search is streamlined across current and archived issues to connect readers to desired content, fast.

User interface in multi-languages

In order to let your flash flip bookreach boarder people all over the world, currently Flipping Book Publisher For DOC MAC supports 14 languages for interface of publication, they are: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Korean. More languages will be added, as per your request.

Optional engaging templates and themes

Flipping Book Publisher for DOC MAC provides a wide variety of templates and themes. When you enter the templates interface, you will see 4 different categories including classical, float , neat and spread. You may select one which fitted to your taste and corporate indentify.

Customer benefit

We want the readers to feel very comfortable when reading publication online. And we also provide full customer service, we are so glad to get help with any question you may have. In addition, once purchase, you have the right to convert infinitely, upgrade every time and get a full refund within 30 days for any reason.
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