Flipping Book Publisher for epub     Convert epub files to page flipping book

Flipping Book Publisher for ePub converts epub, XML-based distribution format for e-books to flash flip book with page flip effect. It’s a simple to use epub software since no flash skill is required and no third software need to be installed. And all you take is just few minutes to have a stylish, interactive flip book ready to use. After finished, you can embed them into the web pages of your own websites or share it offline..
Compatible with Windows 7

Flipping Book Publisher for epub key features

Features for publisher

    User friendly import interface:

    1. Import all range of epub file or the range you want ;
    2. Set a personalized watermark to your files;
    3. Specify the quality and size of the page;
    4. Import the bookmark and links of the original office file;
    5. Enable search function to make your content searchable.
    6. Detect wide page to let the content be viewed normally.
    7. Specify the flash language you wish;
    8. Add a password to protect your page;
    9. Choose a render engine for the conversion(SWF,GPL Postscript and Inner Library)
    10.  Support batch convert if needed.

    Flexible toolbar features:

    1. Add book logo or book title which reflects your own branding identity;
    2. Show or hide home button, full screen button or help button.
    3. Enable or disable functions of print, download, zoom;
    4. Set whatever song as your background music and define it play once or continually;
    5. Enable share button and specify the email subject and body;
    6. Enable search function to let your readers search the certain content they want;
    7. Enable the function of auto-flip and define its flipping time and play count;
    8. Thumbnail function can be enable and get a quick review of the book.
      Unique publication features
    1. Select the themes and templates you like;
    2. Enable or disable single page;
    3. Define the language you wish and make it switchable;
    4. Place the toolbar on top if you like;
    5. Design the search highlight color and specify the least search character;
    6. Design the button icon color:
    7. Set the background alpha and retain the book to center;
    8. Define the color of button, bookmark, search, background.
    9. Specify the page width and height according to your need;
    10. Define the page shadow of your publication;
    11. Make your book be read from right to left;
    12. Add a hard cover or book frame bar to enhance the flipping feeling;
    13. Define the start page number;
    14. Use minimize style if necessary;
    15. Google analytics integration to get insight about your reader.

Rich output option features

    • Output as HTML to upload to your personal website;
    • Publish as stand-alone EXE for CD delivery;
    • Package it as ZIP for quick email;
    • Publish it as executable file –APP.
    • Make it mobile version to be viewed on IPHONE, IPAD and other Android device.

Features for flip book end users:

    • Drag the corner of the page to go to previous or next page;
    • Click the page arrow or page frame to reach the previous or next page;
    • Thumbnail button to navigate fast through a large publication;
    • Go to previous page, next page, first page and last page with few clicks;
    • Use help button to get help when there is problem;
    • Use search button to find out the page to get related info;
    • Print out the whole book or some pages only;
    • Make the book full screen for convenient reading
    • Zoom in/ zoom out on pages for easier reading;
    •  Turn on/ off the background music;
    •  Flip with a single page or double pages;
    •  Download the ZIP or EXE book from website to read locally directly;
    • Readable on Tablet, IOS and Android devices.