Flipping Book Publisher for Office Pro      Convert Office files to fantastic flip page book

Flipping Book Publisher for Office Pro is professional utility which convert MS Office, Open Office and Adobe PDF to flip page book with embedded videos, SWF flash, sounds or image. It gives you the ability to enjoy a flip page book instead of reading the boring, unappealing office files within minutes. And you can manage every aspect of your publication to make it looks special and different. Besides, it’s totally free for you to publish to your own website.

Compatible with Windows 7

Flipping Book Publisher for Office Pro key features

Features for publisher

    User friendly import interface:

    1. Import all the range of office files or custom the range you want;
    2. Set a personalized watermark to your files;
    3. Specify the quality and size of the page;
    4. Import the bookmark and links of the original office file;
    5. Enable search function to make your content searchable.
    6. Detect wide page to let the content be viewed normally.
    7. Specify the flash language you wish;
    8. Add a password to protect your page;
    9. Choose a render engine for the conversion(SWF,GPL Postscript and Inner Library)
    10.  Support batch convert if needed.

    Flexible toolbar features:

    1. Add book logo or book title which reflects your own branding identity;
    2. Show or hide home button, full screen button or help button.
    3. Enable or disable functions of print, download, zoom;
    4. Set whatever song as your background music and define it play once or continually;
    5. Enable share button and specify the email subject and body;
    6. Enable search function to let your readers search the certain content they want;
    7. Enable the function of auto-flip and define its flipping time and play count;
    8. Thumbnail function can be enable and get a quick review of the book.

    Powerful Design Page Feature:

    1. Insert link and set its action type (go to page, photo slideshow, called JavaScript ction);
    2. Add new button icon and design the icon calling new action if necessary;
    3. Insert image to the page you imported (customize its action , like play audio, go to webpage ,etc);
    4. Insert FLV movie and specify every detail of the movie;
    5. Insert music piece to your page;
    6. Insert SWF flash to enrich your page;
    7. YOUTUBE video can be added to your page;
    8. Output project embed links, video and sounds, save it for future using.
      1. Unique publication features
      2. Select the themes and templates you like;
      3. Enable or disable single page;
      4. Define the language you wish and make it switchable;
      5. Place the toolbar on top if you like;
      6. Design the search highlight color and specify the least search character;
      7. Design the button icon color:
      8. Set the background alpha and retain the book to center;
      9. Define the color of button, bookmark, search, background.
      10. Specify the page width and height according to your need;
      11. Define the page shadow of your publication;
      12. Make your book be read from right to left;
      13. Add a hard cover or book frame bar to enhance the flipping feeling;
      14. Define the start page number;
      15. Use minimize style if necessary;
      16. Google analytics integration to get insight about your reader.

Rich output option features

    • Output as HTML to upload to your personal website;
    • Publish as stand-alone EXE for CD delivery;
    • Package it as ZIP for quick email;
    • Publish it as executable file –APP.
    • Make it mobile version to be viewed on IPHONE, IPAD and other Android device.

Features for flip book end readers:

    • Drag the corner of the page to go to previous or next page;
    • Click the page arrow or page frame to reach the previous or next page;
    • Thumbnail button to navigate fast through a large publication;
    • Go to previous page, next page, first page and last page with few clicks;
    • Use help button to get help when there is problem;
    • Use search button to find out the page to get related info;
    • Print out the whole book or some pages only;
    • Make the book full screen for convenient reading
    • Zoom in/ zoom out on pages for easier reading;
    •  Turn on/ off the background music;
    •  Flip with a single page or double pages;
    •  Download the ZIP or EXE book from website to read locally directly;
    • Readable on Tablet, IOS and Android devices.