Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro MAC      Publish stunning flip book on MAC OS!

Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro MAC allows Mac users to create animated multimedia flash flipping book. This publishers software is simple to use and work extremely fast. And it gives you the ability to Insert links with custom effects and colors. Embed rich media such as video and flash to create an engaging experience for your readers.

Compatible with Windows 7

Professional publishers software on MAC OS

Flipping Book Publishers for PDF Pro MAC converts PDF to ebook with stunning flash flipping. And it gives you the ability to embed multimedia such as audio, video, YouTube video, button, picture and Flash animation to pages of your publication. Then an impressive and engaging flip book is generated within seconds on MAC.

Feature initial show

This feature allows you to set something you wish it can be showed first every time. For example, you may let the bookmark or thumbnail of the flash flip book be viewed initially. It would absolutely give your reader great convenience and get a quick review of your flash flipping book.


Add a sound file as your background music

Desired for reading the wonderful flipping book while listening to the beautiful music? Of course you can. With Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro MAC, whatever songs or clips can be added to your flash flip book. And you may make it play once or continually.


The content in digital editions with flash flipping is displayed as vector graphics, which provides excellent zooming capabilities. You may scroll the mouse or keyboard to zoom. And every digital edition comes with available full screen mode.

User interface in multi-languages

In order to let your flipping book reach boarder people all over the world, currently Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro MAC supports 14 languages for interface of publication, they are: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Korean. More languages will be added, as per your request.

View on PC,MAC and Mobile device

Your publication with flash flipping can be read on iPad/iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. And we either provide an iOS App for publishing your publications into iPad/iPhone or distribute it through CD. So your readers can read these publications offline .

Customer benefit

We want the readers to feel very comfortable when reading publication online. And we also provide full customer service, we are so glad to get help with any question you may have. In addition, once purchase, you have the right to convert infinitely, upgrade every time and get a full refund within 30 days for any reason.

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"Flipping Book Publisher series software has been a pleasure to work with. I needed a customized digital solution for publications and Flipping Book Publisher went out of their way to fulfill our needs. The software creates attractive, interactive and user friendly publications for my users to enjoy! Thank you!"-Sam


"Flipping Book Publisher fir Image is reliable and practical software.It can help me make image gallery as gorgeous as I wish. And it works perfectly, I can enjoy flipping pictures in seconds."- Andy

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