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Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro is a powerful and professional business or office software designed to convert simple pdf files to attractive and vivid flipping books with page-flipping and multimedia effects. It allows you to impress your readers by embedding different kinds of media to flipping book, such as sound, slideshow, video, flash, links and so on. What’s more, command line is also supported.

Compatible with Windows 7

Rich Media

You can create a media-rich online catalog, magazine or brochure by using Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro.

1.Add YOUTUBE video,FLV movie to the page of book.

2.Readers can scroll through a series of images with this stylish pop-up photo slideshow gallery.

3.Insert a music track or a voiceover to your pages.

4.Create new button and define its action type,like go to webpage,call javascript function.

Powerful Inserting Function

When accessing to edit page by using this publishers software, you will find the powerful inserting function. Firstly, links can be inserted and the action type is under your control. Secondly, it allows you to add flash, images, video, Youtube video and shapes to the pages of flipping books. Last but not the least, you can also insert a printable area and place it anywhere of the page.

Customization unique publication

To make your publication different from others, Flipping Book Publisher for PDF is a good and professional assistant which helps you customize an unique publication. A variety of templates and themes are available to you! You can also add text or image watermark, design your own style theme and choose to enable or disable some functions, like download, share, print etc.

Colorful and graceful templates and themes

Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro offers you a lot of colorful and graceful templates and themes. Apart from the templates and themes on our software, you can also download more free templates and themes from our websites. Besides, you can also custom your own style thmes by yourself if you need.

Support command line

Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro is great solution for publishing even when you are fully scheduled. You can also convert pdf files to flipping book by using command line. This feature allows you to call and run Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro from command line.

Show your own Help info

In Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro, you can use help button to provide your readers useful information so that your reader can operate and read your publication properly and quickly. You can define help content into jpg or swf file, then add into your book to show at first, or just show after clicking “Help” button.



Google Analytics Integration

As a digital publisher, you can also gain even more insight into the activity of your readers through Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro Google Analytics reporting. See the most visited areas, time spent, and where users are navigating; so you can adapt your content to maximize your publication’s potential.
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Flipping Book Publisher for PDF

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Flipping Book Publisher series software has been a pleasure to work with. I needed a customized digital solution for publications and Flipping Book Publisher went out of their way to fulfill our needs. The software creates attractive, interactive and user friendly publications for my users to enjoy! Thank you!"-Sam

"Flipping Book Publisher fir Image is reliable and practical software.It can help me make image gallery as gorgeous as I wish. And it works perfectly, I can enjoy flipping pictures in seconds."- Andy

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