Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro     Publish fun page flip book from PDF!

Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro is a powerful and professional business or official software designed to convert simple pdf files to attractive and vivid flipping books with page-flipping and multimedia effects. It allows you to impress your readers by embedding different kinds of media to flipping book, such as sound, slideshow, video, flash, links and so on. What’s more, command line is also supported.

Compatible with Windows 7
Item Features Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro
1 Transform PDF to animated page flipping books
2 Output in mulitipile type:HTML,ZIP,EXE,Mac App,making mobile version or distribute through CD
3 Apply the built-in templates:Neat,Classical,Spread and Float
4 Convert large number of PDF files in batch
5 Preserve the original bookmarks, hyperlinks (web/page/email links), page layout of PDF files in the conversion
6 Add HTML titile to let readers visit the website directly in float template
7 Insert image or flash logo in Float template
8 Add book title in Float template which can be clicked to visit webpage online
9 Specify template details including book margin, page shadow, read orientation, hard cover, language etc.
10 Setting a password to protect your publication from unauthorized access
11 Enable or disable the functions of downloading, printing, sharing, searching and more
12 Add help file to help you with the possible using questions
13 Enable minize style to show your flipping book
14 Export and save all the settings for later use
15 Define titles, keywords and description metadata for output HTML page
16 Define the language you need for the flip book
17 Make new icon with new action
18 Change existing icons on toolbar by editing Icon Flash file
19 Add about button to enclose your personal contact or other
20 Insert images you need and define its action typle(either go to webpage,open pop-up image etc)
21 Insert FlV movie or Youtube video to the pages
22 Add a sound file to the page
23 Embed SWF flash to enrich the page
24 Insert buttons on page with different acitons, like link to some page,call javascript function etc.
25 Add a printable area for special use
26 Full automated the conversion by command line
27 Export the whole project you define in case of possible use
28 Add any links to your page with diffferent function inculing go to page, call javascript funtion etc