Free Flipping Book Publisher for Openoffice     Convert Openoffice to flash flipping book

Free Flipping Book Publisher for Open Office publishes flash flipping book from Open Office file for free. It retains the bookmark, links and page layout of original txt file in the conversion. It also gives you the ability to customize your own publication by plenty of personalized settings. And having a flipping book with realistic flipping sound is really a matter of seconds.

Compatible with Windows 7


Free software

Free Flipping Book Publisher for Openoffice is free of charge, yet high quality software. You can enjoy it by few simple clicks. Why not try it now?


The content in flash flipping book is displayed as vector graphics, which provides excellent zooming capabilities. You may scroll the mouse or keyboard to zoom. And every digital edition comes with available full screen mode.

Password control

A password protection box is applied to the free flipping book publisher for Openoffice and requires the correct password to be entered before the flash flipping book will load. If you only wish people can visit your flip book with your permission, then set a unique password.

Search ability

When reading your publication, your readers hope to get the information they need. And in this flash flipping book, search is streamlined across current and archived issues to connect readers to desired content, fast.

Create Table of Contents

Free Flipping Book Publisher for OpenOffice automatically detects and imports Table of Contents from your plain OpenOffice files. You are able to edit the imported Table of Contents after imported.

If you want to create it by yourself, instead of importing from txt files or your files does not contain a table of contents, Free Flipping Book Publisher for Open Office can help you to create table of contents for your digital publication.

Google Analytics Integration

As a digital publisher you can now gain even more insight into the activity of your readers, with Free Flipping Book Publisher for Open Office Google Analytics reporting. See the most visited areas, time spent, and where users are navigating; so you can adapt your content to maximize your publication’s potential.

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"Flipping Book Publisher series software has been a pleasure to work with. I needed a customized digital solution for publications and Flipping Book Publisher went out of their way to fulfill our needs. The software creates attractive, interactive and user friendly publications for my users to enjoy! Thank you!"-Sam


"Flipping Book Publisher fir Image is reliable and practical software.It can help me make image gallery as gorgeous as I wish. And it works perfectly, I can enjoy flipping pictures in seconds."- Andy

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