Add Background Music into Page Flipping Book

Except the animated page flipping effect, lovely clipart and dynamic, you definitely can make your flash flipping ebook more attractive with Flip Page Maker, such as insert a melodious song as background music. Wanna try? Please follow the tutorial to design your dreamy musical ebook.

Note: background music is not the same as page sound. Page sound only sounds when you turn to the flipbook page. But background music can continuously play when you’re viewing flipping ebook.

How to add a song into flipping ebook as background music?

  1.   Step1: launch Flipping Book Publisher for Pro and import files
  2.   Step2: turn to Design button, and click Advanced Setting button on bottom left
  3.   Step3: go ahead to Sound option and click it
  4.   Step4: load background music from PC in dropdown menu
  5.  Please tick behind button Enable Background Sound, then click dots icon to import a song. If you’ve added page sounds,  please tick on option Enable Page Sounds.

  6.   Step5: apply background music setting by clicking blue tick button on bottom left.

 Immediately, you can preview the designed page flipping ebook. The added background music will automatically play!

How to control background music that you can mute music with ease?

To mute background music, you need to make Music button show in output page flipping ebook:

  1.   1.Turn to Design button
  2.   2.Click Advanced Setting bottom left
  3.   3.Navigate to Button Settings option
  4.   4.Tick behind Music option. Most of the time, Flipping Book Publisher for Pro ticked the Music Option as default.
  5.   5.Click blue button on bottom left to apply the button setting.

In right preview panel, you can click Music icon to mute background music or make it play.

Follow these steps, you can add your beloved song to page flipping ebook as background music in seconds!

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