How to add a watermark to your flipping book by using


Flipping Book Publisher for PDF?


Flipping Book Publisher for PDF is a professional software which allows you to add text or image watermark on your flipping book. Watermark is a strong mark to identify your flipping book which can help to protect your personal property. Moreover, watermark also can show the information you want to show to the public, such as the author of the book, the logo of company. In addition, you can add a page border by adding a watermark.


Here is the steps to add a watermark to your flipping book:

Step 1: Before you import PDF files, you have to click the icon of “Set Watermark” and choose the style of watermark.



Step 2: After you click the icon of “Set Watermark”, you will enter a new interface, so you can choose the suitable custom watermark to stamp on your flipping book. Those watermarks include text watermark, image watermark, dynamic time and so on. 



Step 3: If you want edit a watermark for yourself, you can choose the suitable style of watermark and then edit it. You can choose text information or insert an image from your computer.


Step 4: When all finish, you can import the PDF files right now! The watermark will be stamped on flipping book automatically.


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