How to define the HTML properties of flipping book?



Flipping Book Publisher softwares allow you to convert PDF files and Ms Office files to flipping books with page-turning effects and multimedia effects. You can also upload you flipping books online in order to share them with others. Moreover, you can also manage your online flipping books by yourself.


Most of people want to upload their flipping books to their website, before upload their flipping books online, they need to edit the html properties of flipping book. Therefore, before you convert pdf files to flipping books, you can define the book title, keywords, description and so on.


Here are the steps to define the HTML properties of flipping book:

Step 1: Launch Flipping Book Publisher softwares and import PDF files.

Step 2: Define different kinds of settings and convert it to flipping books.

Step 3: Choose the html format and click the “Advanced” icon and then define the title, keywords and description. You can type the scripts as well.





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