How to insert your company logo and web links in the


flipping book by using Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro


As we can see in the neat template of flipping book, there is tool bar on the top of the flipping book. Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro allows the users to change the logo, and even insert a Logo URL. Therefore, when readers open your flipping book, they can see your company logo directly and when they click it, you may jump to your company website. It is an easy way for you to show some information of your company.



Here is the steps to insert your company logo and web link to your flipping book:

Step 1: search the option of “The Book Logo” and click it, then you can insert the logo of your company into the flipping book.



Step 2:click the option of “ Logo URL” and insert the website directly. After it, you have to click the “Apply Change” to apply all the setting to the flipping book. 



In a result, after you output your flipping book, you can see your logo of company and enter the website by clicking it.


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