How to set up bookmarks for digital catalog by using


Shopping Catalog Publisher?


As we all know, when we open a book, we can see the content clearly. Content helps us find the pages that we want to look at. A bookmark is a marker placed between the pages of a flipping book to mark the reader's place.


Shopping Catalog Publisher enables you to convert PDF files to digital catalog with page-flipping effects. It’s a fresh and new way to sell your products. Thanks to its powerful functions, you can directly add multimedia to digital catalog to catch your customer’s attentions. And you can use a good deal of resources to make your shopping catalog more attractive. Therefore, Shopping Catalog Publisher allows you to set up bookmarks for your digital catalog.


There are three steps to add a bookmark for your digital catalog.


Step 1: Just launch Shopping Catalog Publisher, then import PDF files and select your favorite template in the design setting.

Step 2: Edit the bookmarks on the bookmark settings. Add the first level of bookmarks and type the title in it by clicking it. If needed, just add the second level of bookmarks, or even the third level or fourth level. You can also add or modify the page number.



Step 3:  Just save it and convert PDF files to digital catalog.




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